I read Frankenstein 2 days ago and that’s how long it took for me to process this amazing Gothic novel..!! I absolutely loved Mary Shelley’s writing it was simply excellent. I kind of understood why her husband, Mr. P.B. Shelley didn’t speak up when every one thought it was he who wrote the book. If I were him I would probably do the same.

The story as we all know basically revolves around Victor Frankenstein who, while in his prime years starts having the urge of creating a living being with help of chemistry and natural science and for this he studies a little of Human Anatomy as well. He succeeds in doing so but at the same time regrets the out-look of his creations, at the same time his friend Henry comes and relieves him of his madness, after a few months Victor meets his creation again in his native., Geneva. They have a conversation and Victor is forced to make a female for his MONSTER while making him a female companion he realises how disastrous the whole thing might be and vows never to do so. The aftermath of which he looses his family, his friends and his life.

I totally understand Victor’s hunger of making it big in his field cause I’m in the same position as he is but unlike him I’ve got no luck with my projects¬† ūüė¶¬† ¬†IMG_20190206_200633_136


The Pathfinder

The Pathfinder by James Fenimore Cooper is a book set in 19th century were the “whites” were projected as the superior Human race on Earth. It revolves around a man who “invades” (as I’d put it) the lands of Native Americans and starts taking over and killing “the bad guys”. There were good “Indians” too who helped him through his path to find his way in and out of the places. On the whole its quite adventurous and also nerve wrenching at times…. but its just a book so I had to leave it to that.

The author really is merely appreciated as barely anyone has heard about the book. Also The Pathfinder is considered as the third book of two different series written by the same author. It’s a really good book if you are into adventure but a few “facts” mentioned are hard¬†¬†to take in as they are quite racist….


Book Diary.

Do you maintain small diaries to write your thoughts about the particular book your reading? I started maintaining once I saw these cuties.

Also do you write/highlight in the books just to remember about the beautiful words or sentences or the most beautiful dialogues. I have written in most of the books I’ve read so far. Majorly about the songs I listen to or the places I’m sitting at and reading the book. I usually sit in the parks when I’m reading them or if I’ve the pleasure of the “out of the body” experiences.

So do let me know if you maintain such diaries and write or highlight on your favorite lines or scenarios.


The Man-Eater of Malgudi

The Man-Eater of Malgudi is one of the best Indian classic I’ve read by R.K. Narayan. Most of his works have represented the middle class life in India during the 1900’s. There is a strong influence of Tamil and other Dravidian languages in most of his works also they are situated in and around an imaginary place called Malgudi.

This book holds a special place in my life because this is the first book that I’ve read which also opened the gates to the beautiful world of books. In this book we see how the life of a normal print-press owner changes once he befriends a taxidermist. How he tries to make friends with a very fierce looking man and plans to save the temple’s Elephant with the help of a deva-dasi (a prostitute).

As I said there is a lot of Tamil influence in this book, its written in an easy language and an amazing read. I personally could experience how one lived in 1900’s through this book. Its a classic and a must read. I’d easily give this book a 5/5.

Update: I’ve counted the number of books I possess and the number came somewhere close to 260. #hoarder4life



Hey beautiful souls.!! how are you guys doing? I’m doing great. October was a really good month I guess because I got a lot of book-mails and a lot of love from my biblio-family!! If you guys are reading this thank you and I will always cherish those presents forever in my soul.

Moving on.. I have a crazy friend who has “dared” m to literally count the books I’ve hoarded onto so far just for the sake of keeping a count. This gave me an idea. Why don’t I write down the books I have maybe in that manner I wouldn’t have to worry about buying the same books (trust me happens 99% of the time with me). So I will have an account of the books I have and also the count. (gosh I hope I don’t sound crazy). I am guessing that it would be more than 200 or somewhere in between the lines of that number. So I will update the total count and the crazy books I have in the next blog.

Anyways what do you guys think about this crazy idea. Let me know in the comments down below.¬† Also this isn’t the entire “stash” that I possess.



Lets talk about SUPERNATURALS!!


So ever since I turned 15 I was obsessed by this TV show. I watched it everyday while having dinner at 9 p.m on AXN..! I suddenly stopped in between cause life got complicated and there was no time for me to fan-girl over this series. (I used to call myself Deans girl, that’s how the fan-girl in me was born)

Ever since I got a crazy junior who loves the same series and I “rekindled ” my love towards these two hotties!! Re-watching it now I feel so much more good and life’s still a drag but hey at least I can watch 2 hotties on TV. That’s it for now cya folks

Circe by Madeline Miller

I fell in love with Greek mythology ever since I read Songs of Achilles. Although Circe is a standalone I would recommended reading Songs of Achilles as there are alot of spoilers in it. I have a love hate relationship with this book. Circe was basically a doormat for her siblings who made fun of her and took advantage of her sweet temperment. Even her own mother didn’t actually love her even she was the first born. Once Circe realised she was a witch. There was no stopping her. Her relationship with Hermes, Daedalus and Odysseus was varied and she slowly learnt how to even deal with people mortals and Gods. She fell in love with her son., made truce with Penelope and her son. She finally found the man who was destined for her. The author subtly implied that she turned into a mortal being after years of being a goddess by a potion made by her from her witch craft.

Loved the book!!. A must read!! If u re into Greek mythology.

Animal Farm

All animals are equal but some are more equal..

I finally read Animal Farm by George Orwell. Loved the satire on how people are mislead in believing that they work for their own living but the circumstances speak of it otherwise.

I really loved how Napoleon was manipulative and blamed An for anything severe that occurred. How the Squealer brainwashed every animal after each and every committee meeting. How slowly they changed the 7 commandments and how they made themselves notified as most important creatures compared to the others.

The book gave me a glimpse of how things could go about in communist country. All the time while reading this book I thought about North Korea and how Kim Jong-un is still succeeding in maintaining his rule.

As I write this I realised how well he reassembled the “PIGS”. Have a happy week.

P.S. Monday blues caught up on me and I am not going to college.

Come fall in love with paperbacks.

Hey.! Welcome to my world. The world where I cherish paperbacks and consider reading the e-books. I love paperbacks the most because nothing can change the essence of the feeling that turning a yellowed page or when it’s smell relaxes you profoundly.

I’m glad you decided to stay on this Journey and walk side by side.

Thank You. books